JPMorganChase Bank Slave Trade Involvement

UAAD is a 501c3 non profit who is negoiating an agreement to provide a framework to assist Chase Bank in distributing in excess of $800 million dollars of CRA funds available according to their Community Partnership Proposal

Thursday, March 23, 2006

March 18, 2006


JPMorganChase Bank agrees to pay $5 million dollars reparation for slave trade involvement.
UAAD would like to announce that after 10 years of negotiations with Bank One there is a possibility an agreement will be arranged to facilitate a Business Development Center and other educational programs at Grambling, Louisiana home of Grambling State University (GSU).
UAAD intends to negotiate with Chase Bank a CRA agreement in order that they may carry out their CRA commitment of providing in excess of $800 billion dollars to low-income, moderate income individuals. Our efforts in the state of Louisiana is to insist that at least $69 billion dollars be committed to the low-income, moderate income to include African Americans in this state. UAAD’s purpose is to insist that Congress who passed the Community Re-Investment ACT in 1977 as Civil Rights Legislation should insist that the FDIC and its regulatory agencies enforce this regulation as it was intended as civil rights, and cease the process of reverse robin hood policies that are presently practiced. (See

In 2005 JP Morgan Chase Bank agreed to commit $5 million dollars to high school graduates of Louisiana schools for scholarships. This commitment and apology was a penalty for JP Morgan Chase Bank’s involvement in the slave trade. This amount was considered as reparation. UAAD and others ask that JP Morgan make the $800 billion dollars a commitment to reparation. UAAD ask that Chase Bank make at lest a 5 year commitment to the state of Louisiana of $69 billion dollars, a similar amount they have committed to other than African Americans in predominately white neighborhoods. See: )

UAAD with the assistance of community organizations, Civic leaders, and student bodies that are available at HBUC’s in particular, with minority banks and Chase Bank’s co-operation will help alleviate poverty and create circumstances where we all can achieve economic parity that will benefit society as a whole.


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