JPMorganChase Bank Slave Trade Involvement

UAAD is a 501c3 non profit who is negoiating an agreement to provide a framework to assist Chase Bank in distributing in excess of $800 million dollars of CRA funds available according to their Community Partnership Proposal

Thursday, March 23, 2006

March 12, 2006

JPMorganChase Bank’s commitment to “REPARATION”????????????
After making a commitment to “REPARATION” of a measly $5 million dollars, this bank’s intent is to distribute these substandard funds in a manner that it will benefit Caucasians and very little to African Americans. This is a similar manner in which Chase bank distributes its Community Partnership funds that should be meant for African Americans. See: This is the manner in which JPMorganChase Bank has operated since they held slaves as collateral. JPMorganChase Bank committed $800 billion dollars in 2004 that should have been for “REPARATION”, but instead has been committed to the advancement of Caucasians. This administration and its regulatory agencies support JPMorganChase and its racist discriminatory practices. UAAD ask Move-On, Congress, to assist in ending these practices. There is no reason why these commitments by Chase and other banks in excess of $4.2 trillion dollars shouldn’t be used to assist the hurricane victims and other African Americans in need, suffering since slavery. See:


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