JPMorganChase Bank Slave Trade Involvement

UAAD is a 501c3 non profit who is negoiating an agreement to provide a framework to assist Chase Bank in distributing in excess of $800 million dollars of CRA funds available according to their Community Partnership Proposal

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chase Bank apologizes for "SLAVE TRADE", promise "REPARATION", then fail to pay!

Why JP Morgan/Chase/Bank One should be indicted and face criminal charges, possibly in violation of the RICO Act for red-lining, and discrimination against African Americans, in Louisiana in particular. See the following website and blogs: / UNITED Affirmative Action Development Corp (UAAD) / United Equity Development Corporation a for profit would appreciate your support in our complaint. SEE:

Monday, April 10, 2006

177. "REPARATION", "Smart Start",according to Chase Bank are the same

JPMorganChase Bank in 2004 apologized for their involvement in the slave trade and promised to provide a mere $ 5 million dollars for what they called “smart start of Louisiana”. This was their contribution. The information regarding how to seek these scholarship funds were hidden in Chase’s web pages. The only university that appeared to be aware of such funds was LSU, a predominately white institution in Louisiana, with HBUC’s having no awareness of such funds until the offer expired, March 1, 2006. JPMorganChase Bank has held back funds that should have benefited the Katrina victims and African Americans where they serve or should serve. JPMorganChase Bank should be penalized not only for their involvement in the slave trade, but also for the following: see:

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JPMorganChase Bank has $800 Billion dollars in their Community Partnership commitment. To whom are these funds committed and for what purpose? $69 billion according to their statements have been committed to mostly to Caucasians and Foreigners, and limited amounts to African Americans. The Civil Rights legislation The Community Re-Investment Act of 1977 (CRA) was implemented due to red-lining and discriminatory practices by banks that effected African Americans more than any other group or gender. Chase Bank has an army of CRA officials that are there to implement their CRA commitments. These officials state that the act wasn’t meant for African Americans. see:

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227. JPMorganChase Bank’s commitment to “REPARATION”????????????

After making a commitment to “REPARATION” of a measly $5 million dollars, this bank’s intent is to distribute these substandard funds in a manner that it will benefit Caucasians and very little to African Americans. This is a similar manner in which Chase bank distributes its Community Partnership funds that should be meant for African Americans. See: This is the manner in which JPMorganChase Bank has operated since they held slaves as collateral. JPMorganChase Bank committed $800 billion dollars in 2004 that should have been for “REPARATION”, but instead has been committed to the advancement of Caucasians. This administration and its regulatory agencies support JPMorganChase and its racist discriminatory practices. UAAD ask Move-On, Congress, to assist in ending these practices. There is no reason why these commitments by Chase and other banks in excess of $4.2 trillion dollars shouldn’t be used to assist the hurricane victims and other African Americans in need, suffering since slavery. See:
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Conversation today with Mr. Lewis that there is a good possibility of implementing and getting funding our proposed programs at GSU and other HBUCs. This proposal is to establish a chair, a business center, scholarships and other educational benefits for the community.

I received a call from Mr. David Lewis who represents the OCC compliance in the southern area. His request was that I hold of my complaints, and he would assist in our organization getting the necessary funds to promote our CRA activity proposals. He indicated the HBUC's and similar programs would more than likely be supported by the OCC and banks. He basically asked if I would set aside the protest and complaints, he would probably be able to convince the bank(s) to service the needs of the community. I will be in contact with Mr. Lewis in the next few days arranging a meeting (forum) at Grambling State University between April 3-6, 2006. I would ask your assistance in arranging this forum if available. I believe this will be an opportunity to present and place worthwhile programs in the community. Your organizations assistance will help make these programs the success they deserve.
Walter L. Ellis CEO UAAD
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Two & one half hours of wasted time with JPMorganChase Bank Officials & OCC Official David Lewis
April 4, 2006

This a memorandum of a meeting held today at Chase Bank in Ruston, LA with Chase Bank officials and Mr. David Lewis of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). You would have to hear a recording of this gathering to believe how a group of adults could attempt to con another intelligent human being.
Others present had their own personal agenda including Mr. Lewis of the OCC, who was more interested in protecting the interest of the bank and neglecting all interest of those Chase Bank and the OCC should protect.
Some others who were invited to express and seek assistance for UAAD’s goals apparently had their own interest at heart and presented a hindrance rather than assistance.
The purpose of this meeting was to ask me, Walter Ellis the CEO of UAAD, A 504c3 non-profit to end my complaints against Chase Bank and the OCC in order that an agreement could be negotiated to help UAAD’s associates. This meeting this date was a dismal failure. It is my intent to pursue my complaint asking Congress to hold a hearing regarding CRA and to also file a complaint with the Justice Department asking the DOJ to take action against both JP Morgan Chase Bank and OCC officials. I also ask that all past complaints be put in the public files including Ms. Sanders asking Kasandra Brown, a reporter from the Ruston Leader newspaper, Mr. Monroe Quigbly and myself to leave the premises after first offering office space and later denying same.
I ask that Mr. Lewis’ supervisor contact me and others present in order to make an official complaint against Mr. Lewis.
We also ask also for the chain of command in writing in order to file these complaints in a timely manner. Our urgency is that until and unless someone take drastic action against JP Morgan Chase Bank who refuses to allocate monies promised for their involvement in the slave trades and refusing to disclose why they can commit what should be reparation (CRA) commitments to African Americans as they do so to Caucasians as indicated in their Community Partnership proposals. UAAD has asked Bank One and now Chase Bank for the past ten years to treat African Americans as they do others. The inequality of present day treatment is little different than the treatment this and other banks treated my dad who was born into slavery. See: