JPMorganChase Bank Slave Trade Involvement

UAAD is a 501c3 non profit who is negoiating an agreement to provide a framework to assist Chase Bank in distributing in excess of $800 million dollars of CRA funds available according to their Community Partnership Proposal

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What does President Bush’s Family, JPMorganChase Bank have in common?

Both were involved in the slave trade. See:
And you can see how Chase Bank was involved.
See:, and see how the Bush family was and are involved.
This may better explain why President Bush whose administration is in direct charge of the FDIC/OCC continues to support the discriminatory practices of these federal agencies that regulate our nation’s banks. See:

In 2004 JPMorganChase Bank apologized for it’s involvement in the “Slave Trade”, but yet continues its predatory practices. President Clinton whose family was not accused of being involved in the “Slave Trade” did apologize on the part of America. This ‘son of a bush’ not only will not apologize for his families involvement, but instead make matters worse by appointing “Racist” Judges, Attorney Generals, and supporting those who discriminate whenever and wherever possible. The KATRINA Victims low, moderate-income to include African Americans suffering due to the conspiracy of JPMorganChase Bank, FDIC/OCC, will continue only and if we IMPEACH Bush, who is the principle contributor. President Bush often speaks about human rights violations in China and elsewhere, but ignore his and this country’s obligation to human rights. See: /

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