JPMorganChase Bank Slave Trade Involvement

UAAD is a 501c3 non profit who is negoiating an agreement to provide a framework to assist Chase Bank in distributing in excess of $800 million dollars of CRA funds available according to their Community Partnership Proposal

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Chase Bank's Reparation & Community Partnership Commitments

JPMorganChase Bank has $800 Billion dollars in their Community Partnership commitment. To whom are these funds committed and for what purpose? $69 billion according to their statements have been committed to mostly to Caucasians and Foreigners, and limited amounts to African Americans. The Civil Rights legislation The Community Re-Investment Act of 1977 (CRA) was implemented due to red-lining and discriminatory practices by banks that effected African Americans more than any other group or gender. Chase Bank has an army of CRA officials that are there to implement their CRA commitments. These officials state that the act wasn’t meant for African Americans. see: JPMorgan Chase Bank admitted to using Slaves as collateral during their development. For such wrong doings this bank committed $5 million dollars over a 5 year period to a certain group of African Americans in the state of Louisiana apparently as compensation for their grievous acts against humanity. See: Chase Bank’s Community Partnership, and if you are extremely computer literate, you may find this commitment under “smart start of Louisiana. Speaking to bank officials who stated they were responsible for implementing this agreement, or arrangement, indicated in a telephone conversation that they were not certain how to apply for the scholarships mentioned, the amount that had been distributed, nor any other terms of the agreement. One official whose name can be supplied stated it was a commitment JPMorgan Chase had made toward Reparation payments due to the banks past slave trade involvement.


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